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PED 212 PED/212 PED212 WEEK 1 QUIZ


PED 212 WEEK 1 QUIZ Question 1. Question : Which of the following was a common goal of the SPARK and CATCH programs? Question 2. Question : When attempting to grab a large ball, a child realizes that grabbing with one hand is ineffective and so attempts to grab the ball using two hands. This process is known as Question 3. Question : What is the key determinant in establishing the status of a physical education program within a school? Question 4. Question : Which of the following is considered to be the first major milestone of motor development? Question 5. Question : What occurrence develops as a result of signals and responses between an infant and adult? Question 6. Question : Teachers best learn how to improve their relationships with students by Question 7. Question : Of the following actions performed by children during the sub-stages of the sensorimotor stage, which is in the correct sequential order? Question 8. Question : Physical educators use learning experiences that focus on students following what two concepts? Question 9. Question : During the early 2000’s, the most common argument supporting physical education was based on its role in combating and preventing the onset of __________. Question 10. Question : What is the position statement of the NASPE about? Education Help, Education Homework help, Education Study Help, Education Course Help


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