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Part 2 Microsoft Access.WIll possibly need the sam


1. Open the Access database you were working on in the Complete exercises for the previous topic (Topic 12: Access Chapter 1). Add at least five more records to the Products table. Next, create a query that will return all fields from records in the Products table where the Quantity in Stock is greater than 0, and the Sales Price is greater than $50.00. Sort the query results in Ascending order by Product ID. Save the query as T13-Complete1 2. Open the Access database from the previous Complete exercise. Add at least 5 more records to the Products table using the form you created in the Complete exercise for the previous topic. Create a parameter query that allows the user to enter a Product ID. The query should return all records with the Product ID the user entered. Save the query as T13-Complete2-1. Next, create a query that calculates the average sales price for all items in the Products table. Save this query as T13-Complete2-2. 3. Open the Access database from the previous Complete exercise, and then select the query named T13-Complete1. Export the data from this query to Microsoft Excel. 4. Use Microsoft Outlook 2010 to compose an e-mail message to your instructor. The e-mail message should include your favorite features in the Microsoft Office applications you have learned in this course. Before sending the e-mail message, attach one of the Word documents you have created in Topic 1, Topic 2, or Topic 3. Check the spelling in your e-mail message to make sure it does not contain any spelling errors. Then, send the message. 5. Create an e-mail folder named Old Mail to store some of your received e-mail messages. Move at least one e-mail message in your Inbox to this folder. Next, navigate to the folder you just created and move the e-mail message back to the Inbox folder. 6. Compose a new e-mail message to you instructor. In the e-mail message, mention some additional features you would like to learn about the Microsoft Office applications. Instead of sending the e-mail message, save it to your Drafts folder. Navigate to your drafts folder and locate the e-mail message you have just saved. Then, delete the e-mail message to remove it from your Drafts folder. 7. Create a new calendar in Microsoft Outlook, and add birthdays as events for as many relatives and friends as you can. Set the events to recur every year on the same date. 8. On the new calendar you created in the Complete 1 exercise, create a meeting and send a meeting request for a 2-hour seminar you will conduct on Microsoft Outlook. The meeting request should be sent to your instructor, and the seminar should be on a date and time of your choosing. After sending the meting request, update the meeting so that the seminar lasts for only 1 hour instead of for 2 hours. Send the meeting update to your instructor. Finally, cancel the meeting and remove it from your calendar. 9. On the new calendar you created in the Complete 1 exercise, create appointments for commitments you may have over the next month. Where necessary, make the appointments recurring. Next, for each appointment, set an appropriate reminder and an appropriate appointment status.


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