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PA301 Week 7 Test


PA301 Week 7 Test .png” alt=””> QUESTION 1 List Weber’s three ideal types of authority. Which one forms the basis for his concept of bureaucracy, and why? QUESTION 2 The concept that the federal and state governments in the United States are not competitors, but work together to address issues, is the essence of which concept? .png” alt=””> Administrative ecology .png” alt=””> Arnstein’s Ladder .png” alt=””> Cooperative federalism .png” alt=””> Opportunistic federalism QUESTION 3 Describe at least two challenges that political appointees face in successfully accomplishing their duties in government. QUESTION 4 Which group of individuals who work in public administration operate under a merit system, where positions are determined by open, competitive examinations? .png” alt=””> Professional careerists .png” alt=””> Political appointees .png” alt=””> Contractual employees .png” alt=””> General civil service employees 10 points QUESTION 5 Which method of decision making relies heavily upon theory and a thorough analysis of every important factor? .png” alt=””> Rational-comprehensive .png” alt=””> Incremental choice .png” alt=””> Successive-limited .png” alt=””> Ecological 10 points QUESTION 6 List and describe three communication blockages that may impact a message. QUESTION 7 A reluctance to send or receive bad news negatively impacts ______________: .png” alt=””> Political power .png” alt=””> Upward communication .png” alt=””> The grapevine .png” alt=””> Adminstrative power 10 points QUESTION 8 The fact that participants in collaborative efforts in public administration maintain a dual-identity (their own identify, in addition to the shared, collaborative identity) is reflected in which dimension of collaboration? .png” alt=””> Mutuality .png” alt=””> Governance .png” alt=””> Trust and Reciprocity .png” alt=””> Autonomy 10 points QUESTION 9 Public budgeting differs from household or business budgeting in some key ways. Describe two of the ways that the public (government) budget differs. QUESTION 10 Which of the following is not one of the four tides of reform? .png” alt=””> Watchful eye .png” alt=””> Governance .png” alt=””> Cooperative .png” alt=””> Scientific management


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