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Organizational Communication Questions


Organizational Communication Questions Question Myth or Facts of Organizational Viewpoints Respond to ONE of the following statements: Men are stronger leaders than women during organizational crises. Women are more nurturing managers than men. Management must exercise rigid control of employees for organizations to succeed. Our social class determines our future. Include the following in your discussion: Reveal your viewpoint on the statement. Use concepts related to an organizational perspective or theory discussed in the unit reading to support your viewpoint. How do notions of power contribute to this statement? How much genuine participation occurs in decision making if this statement is upheld by leaders in an organization? Your response should be at least 200 words in length. Question 2. A Metaphor for Organizational Culture Analyze an organization in which you are an active member (work, school, church, civic group, online community, etc.). Be creative and use a metaphor by which to compare the organization’s culture. For example, an organization’s culture could be compared to sharks or whales. The sharks are very competitive, and the whales are very cooperative. You can apply this metaphor or create your own for your organization. In your discussion include the following elements: Use a metaphor to compare the organization’s culture. Explain how the organizational culture influences decision making. What unwritten rituals, social practices, specialized vocabulary/jargon, values, or routine practices are exhibited by members or leaders? Are any competing viewpoints from subcultures within the organization of the elements described above? If so, explain. How are new members socialized into the system? What happens if someone violates an unwritten expectation for behavior? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.


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