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(Individual Assignment) Company Name Infoysis 1 This assignment is organisation based. You are required to analyse your own organisation or one that you are familiar with in terms of current or recent issue of strategic significance and produce an evaluative management report. You must apply relevant concepts reviewed during the module as the focus of your analysis. (Do this part) OR Case Study: Starbucks (To be given out in class) 6. Assessment Criteria and Marking Standards You should demonstrate that you have shown the relevance of your arguments to the module learning outcomes: • Combined management practice and theory • Shown evidence of critical and reflective analysis • Used a variety of management literature using the Harvard system The following provides a guide to how the assignment should be structured: Introduction: • Is there a clear introduction that the context of the situation that is to be analysed? • Is there a clear statement of the problem/objective of the assignment? Analysis: • Is there a review/reference made to relevant literature and its appropriate use? • Are discussions and arguments coherent? • Is there critical evaluation? Conclusions: • What are the main points to be made? • Are conclusions based upon rigorous analysis? • What can be learnt for the conclusions? MARKING CRITERIA: The assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria: Marks The degree to which the concepts have been explained And understood 25% The clarity of application 25% The application and reasoning behind the evaluation 35% The presentation and structure of report 15% ———- 100%


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