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Organizational Behavior


Instructions 1. Your first paper is entitled Me is due Wednesday July 13, 2016, Week One.. Put your last name and Paper 1 in the subject heading. This a maximum three-page paper with an APA-compliant cover page and a reference page for a total of five pages. Minimum of two references. Use in-text parenthetical citations e.g., (Lastname, year) in the body of your paper and the full reference at the end of the paper. You are also encouraged to use the writing center and NU library (see below). Estimated time to complete: three hours. Your paper will consist of two parts corresponding to two subheadings (left-side justified, bold). a. A Scientific Synopsis of My Personality. Use an online instrument (you choose) or other source (properly documented) that summarizes your personality, work strengths, motivation and work preferences. This part is worth up to 8 points. b. My Next Professional Goal. Detail your next professional (not educational) goal with a minimum of two references and an enumerated list of steps and target dates. Be as specific as possible. Be sure to state why this goal is important to you. This part is worth up to two points. Textbook: Organizational Behavior 8e, Nelson and Quick (2013).


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