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ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT Employee Development Program


2000 words Linking Development to Strategy Overview Review the Oak Knoll Academy: Primer on Developing a Strategy Map document located in MyLibrary. Assume you work in the HR Department for Oak Knoll Academy and that you will be responsible for creating/sourcing employee development programs that support the overall business strategy, and in particular the Organizational Capacity quadrant of their Balanced Scorecard. As part of this project, you will be communicating to the leadership team in writing. This communication is divided into 3 sections that, together, result in one complete document. You will receive feedback on each section. I encourage you to incorporate the feedback on all sections so that the final product achieves the objective of a complete communication. Deliverable #1 Introduction Provide a brief introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs) to the Oak Knoll Academy. This introduction should introduce the reader to the objective of the project, and why you are communicating with the leadership team. 2 pts Understanding the trends Your next task involves researching the trends that are affecting private schools in the United States. Uncover as much current information as you can about what is impacting private schools, which may range from demographic trends to taxation policies. Create a brief summary (2 to 3 pages) of at least two and no more than three trends, including citations. 6 points • Clear, accurate description of at least two and no more than three trends • Properly cited sources Deliverable #2 Defining Board leadership capabilities Your next task is related to the organizational capacity goal of: “Board provides effective leadership.” You will identify those capabilities you believe the Board must possess in order to execute the business strategy and remain effective in light of the trends private schools are facing. Each capability must be clearly defined and you must explain your rationale for selecting the capability. You must identify at least two and no more than three capabilities. A sample is provided for you here. Use this for reference, but you may not include this capability in your project. 7 points • Clear, complete definitions of each capability • Rationale for each capability, linked to business strategy and trends • Sample Board Capability: Change Management Definition: • Performs analysis to determine the impact of changes in the social, political and economic environment; • Keeps self and others calm and focused during times of change or ambiguity; • Initiates, supports and encourages new ideas; • Consults and persuades all the relevant stakeholders of the need for change; • Designs activities to enable change that are aligned to the school’s business strategy and objectives. Rationale: • To achieve the vision, mission and strategic goals of Oak Knoll Academy in the context of the business, economic and social climate • To support an environment in which creative ideas are generated and all voices and perspectives are included for the purpose of building the future of Oak Knoll Academy Deliverable #3 Analyzing and closing the gap Once the Board leadership capabilities have been defined and approved by the organization, a gap analysis would be conducted to measure the current level of skill and ability the Board possesses relative to the capabilities. If there are gaps between what the Board is currently capable of and the desired set of capabilities, development activities could be used to close the gaps. For the purposes of this assignment, select one of the capabilities you have defined and assume the current Board is lacking this capability. Identify two non-traditional (something other than training or an academic course) approaches to helping the Board gain skill, knowledge, and experience in this area. • Creative, realistic idea, described in 1 to 2


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