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Operations Management homework help


1 What is organizational behavior? 2 Why are workplace interpersonal skills important to managers? 3 Define the fields of psychology and sociology. How have the fields of psychology and sociology contributed to our understanding of organizational behavior? 4 What is withdrawal behavior? What are some of the forms of withdrawal behavior? What is the impact on organizations? 5 What is group cohesion? When is a group cohesive? When is a group not cohesive? Questions: 1. What are the 2 major forms of workplace diversity? Define them and give at least 3 examples of each. 2. How does workplace discrimination undermine organizational effectiveness? Give specific examples. 3. List and define 3 (of the 6) different kinds of workplace discrimination. 4. Discuss the effects of diversity within a group on group performance, both helpful and not helpful. 5. Discuss the 3 basic components necessary for a workforce program to encourage diversity within the organization. 1. What is leadership? How is it different from management? 2. What are the conclusions of trait theories of leadership? 3. What are the three key characteristics of charismatic leaders? 4. What is trust? How can leaders have a positive impact on their organizations through building trust and mentoring?


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