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Operations Management homework help


Themes: Solicitation/Developing Procurement Strategy Read: The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)http://farsite.hill.af.mil/vffara.htm Part 5 Publicizing Contract Actions Part 6 Competitive Requirements Part 7 Acquisition Planning Part 8 Required Sources of Supplies and Services Seven Steps to Performance-Based Acquisition Week 2 Notes View: Registering in SAM Pre-Solicitation Complete: Participate in week 2 learning activities – Initial response due by Thursday, follow up response due by Sunday. Week 2 Learning Activities Actions for ‘Week 2 Learning Activities’ Subscribe Hide Description Learning Activity #1 FAR 5 requires that Government contracting encourages competition and small business participation. Go to Federal Business Opportunities FedBizOpps.gov and look up solicitation RFQ-IL-16-00022. Discuss how this solicitation does or does not meet this requirement of the FAR. Learning Activity #2 Inherently Governmental functions are a constant concern in Federal Contracting. It is important that a Contracting Officer ensure that they do not issue a contract that violates this requirement. In addition a CO must be wary that performance of a contract issued does not “drift” into an IG violation over its life. While the FAR list specific IG violations but also notes some things which may be apparent violations. List three of these functions and discuss why they may be possible violations.


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