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Operations Management homework help


Discussion #1 In this module you saw the important role that emotions play in a negotiation. For this discussion board, share a story of a conflict or negotiation that you were involved in which emotions ran high. It could be personal, work, transaction (such as buying a house) related. What emotions were present on your side? How did these emotions impact your ability to negotiate or resolve the conflict? What emotions were showcased by the other party? How did their emotions affect the negotiation or resolution process? Discussion #2 Situation: *Laurie was upset when she found out that Chris had scheduled a meeting with both her and their manager to discuss about her messy area. Chris told Laurie that he has had enough with the mess around her cubicle and Laurie reply back saying that he must have so much time on his hand to go about and schedule a meeting. Laurie also mentioned that since Larry has retired that she has to pick up his task and doesn’t have the time to clean up her mess. Clearly emotions are starting to run high in this situation. For this discussion board, describe and evaluate the biases that are present for both parties. From each party’s perspective, frame the issue(s) that are present. How was information communicated in this situation? Assess the verbal and non-verbal cues showcased by both parties. So that both employees can be effective communicators in their meeting with their supervisor, create a list of 4 questions for each party to ask the other so that this conflict can end in a win-win. Discussion #3 Machiavelli’s two best known works are The Prince and Discourses. Each offers good insight into the philosophy of Machiavelli. Based on these readings, in securing the state, to what extent should a prince (leader) be motivated by the happiness of the people? With specific examples, are current American leaders motivated by the happiness of the people?


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