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One of the major reasons why surveys research may not be effective is that


Answer the below questions and Scenarios based on the questions/scenarios listed below Instructions Each scenario answer should be at least 750 words Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed sources (scholarly sources) and 1 biblical integration (includes one bible verse and apply it to the answers). All sources are cited in current APA format. Proper ENGLISH, spelling and grammar MUST be used. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. Do not use textbooks, newspapers, audiobooks, etc. These items do not meet the requirement of this assignment Question 1 One of the major reasons why surveys research may not be effective is that survey instrument are less useful than they should be. What would you say are the four possible major faults of survey instrument design? Scenario 2 Your large firm is about to change to a customer centered organization structure, in which employees who have rarely had customer contact will now likely significantly influence customer satisfaction and retention. As part of the transition, your supervisor wants an accurate evaluation of the morale of the firm’s large number of computer technicians. What types of sample would you draw if it was to be an unrestricted sample? Scenarios 3 Your task is to interview a representative sample of attendees for the large concert venue where you work. The new season schedule includes 200 live concerts featuring all types of musicians and musical groups. Since neither the number of attendees nor their descriptive characteristics are known in advance, you decide on a nonprobability sampling. Based on past seating configurations, you can calculate the number of tickets that will be available for each of the 200 concerts. Thus, collectively, you will know the number of possible attendees for each type of music. From attendance research conducted at concerts held by glacier symphony during the previous two years, you can obtain gender data on attendance by type of music. How would you conduct a reasonable reliable nonprobability sample? Explain entire process from start to finish. How would you choose the sample?


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