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One of the key ways management


One of the key ways management 1. Managers should consider doing all of the following to develop a strong culture for a unit EXCEPT: a) emphasize a shared real understanding of what the unit stands for. b) stress a concern for the management over rules and procedures. c) talk about heroes of the past and their contributions develop rituals and ceremonies for the members. d) reinforce informal rules and expectations consistent with shared values. e) promote the sharing of ideas of information. 2. A __________ links key goal-related issues with key collaboration issues and comes up with a series of general ways by which the firm will manage its affairs. a) mission statement. b) planning philosophy. c) management philosophy. d) supervisory philosophy. e) control system. 3. A management philosophy does all of the following EXCEPT: a) establishes generally understood boundaries for all members of a firm b) provides a consistent way of approaching new and novel situations c) helps hold individuals together by assuring them of a known path toward success d) it is the way in which top management addresses the questions of external adaptation. e) addresses the issues associated with internal adaptation. 4. One of the key ways management influences the organizational culture is via the __________________. a) the leaders assigned to top management. b) the people it fires. c) the people it hires. d) performance system is administers. e) reward systems it establishes. 5. In many larger U.S. based firms the ____________matches the overall strategy of the firm and reinforces the ____________ emerging from day-to-day activities. a) retention practices; termination practices. b) orientation practices; development system. c) hiring practices; promotional system. d) performance program; reward system. e) reward system; culture. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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