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Older firms are rarely structured


Older firms are rarely structured 1. Older firms are rarely structured for ______________; rather they are structured for __________. a) internal reorganization; maintenance of the current organization. b) change; continuity. c) downsizing; growth. d) learning; efficiency. e) to be acquired by other firms; to acquire other firms. 2. In order to learn, an organization needs to do all of the following EXCEPT: a) needs to be able to unlearn. b) needs to hire competitive leaders. c) needs to switch routine to obtain information quickly. d) needs to provide various interpretations of events. e) needs to not just tap into external archives. 3. Since few managers question a successful managerial script, managers often try to ________________. a) hinder the use of a successful managerial script. b) change a managerial script. c) dissect a script to see why it works. d) start solving today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. e) create new managerial scripts. 4. Which of the following is NOT cited as a barrier that blocks desired action, innovation, and learning? a) an overemphasis on vertical relations that can block upward and downward communication b) an overemphasis on functions, product lines, or organizational units that block effective communication c) an overemphasis on senior management d) an overemphasis on maintaining rigid lines between the firm and its partners e) an overemphasis on natural, cultural, national, and geographic borders that can limit globally coordinated action 5. Successful organizations arrange their __________ to meet the dictates of their dominant technologies or workflows and information technology opportunities. a) reward systems. b) recruiting processes c) internal structures. d) decision-making processes. e) communications processes. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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