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OL/500 OL500 OL 500 Week 7-1 Discussion


OL 500 Week 7-1 Discussion: Conflict, Power, and Organizational Politics Consider a job you have had or now have. Explain the main sources of power within the organization. In addition, describe how organizational politics influenced the overarching organizational behavior. Then explain a situation where conflict ensued because of the organizational power and politics. Would you consider the ensuing conflict constructive or destructive? Why? In responding to your classmates’ posts, respectfully comment on the conflicts they have described. Do you agree with their assessment of the constructive or destructive nature of the conflict? Why or why not? Encourage further elaboration by asking your classmates questions, offering alternative viewpoints, and/or including additional research that you have obtained from our online library. Support your initial post and response posts with scholarly sources cited in APA style.


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