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OL 326: Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview


OL 326: Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview The final project for this course is the development of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) analysis based on a corporation that has endured CSR issues. The analysis examines how the CSR issue impacted the corporation and its stakeholders. Prompt To successfully complete the final course project, select a company that has experienced CSR issues for analysis. Examine how the CSR issue impacted the corporation in the short term and describe the actions the corporation took to resolve those CSR issues in the long term. You should also examine the CSR impact from a stakeholder perspective, paying special attention to the organizational, economic, and societal stakeholders. Lastly, address the company’s current CSR status. Examine the organization’s current and/or future CSR initiatives, and answer the following questions: Has the corporation taken a strategic CSR approach to business? What impact does the corporation currently have on the five driving forces of CSR? What current and future plans does the corporation have for influencing/impacting the five driving forces of CSR? The final project is divided into two milestones and a final product, submitted at various points (Module Two, Module Four, Module Seven) in the course to scaffold learning and ensure a quality final submission. Your completed CSR paper must address each aspect of the critical elements listed below. Critical Elements Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your completed paper: I. Corporation Background and History:Provide a brief history of the corporation, which includes its origins, founders, main products and services, and theindustries the corporation services. II. Corporation’s CSR Issue a) Description of CSR issue:Provide a description of the CSR issue that the corporation endured along with a timeline of events. b) Stakeholder Impact: i. Describe the impact on the organizational stakeholders such as employees, executives, or the board of directors. ii. Describe the impact on the economic stakeholders such as customers, competitors, creditors, distributors, or suppliers. iii. Describe the impact on the societal stakeholders such as community, environment, government, or regulators. c) CSR Filter: Explain how the corporation’s CSR filter failed or how it was flawed. III. Corporation’s Current Situation: a) Current Status of Corporation: Provide a description of how the corporation is faring today and if the CSR issues have been resolved. b) Strategic CSR: Explain how the corporation has made CSR part of its strategy. c) Five Driving Forces of CSR: Identify at least two of the five driving forces of CSR that the corporation has the most impact/influence on. The five driving forces are affluence, sustainability, globalization, media, and brands. .gif”> IV. Conscious Capitalism:Explain how the corporation is fulfilling the concept of conscious capitalism. V. CSR Now and in the Future: a) CSR Initiatives: Explain the CSR initiatives that the corporation is undertaking currently or in the future. b) Stakeholder Priority: Identify and explain the corporation’s stakeholder priority based on its CSR initiatives. VI. Lessons Learned: a) What Did The Corporation Learn:Identify and explain what lessons the corporation learned from its CSR issues. b) CSR Filter:Explain if it has strengthened its CSR filter to ensure it will not have CSR issues in the future. Milestones Milestone One: Proposal In Module Two, select a company that has endured CSR issues and provide a brief explanation of the CSR issue(s) the company has faced. Additionally, provide a brief rationale for choosing this particular company for your final project. This milestone will be graded with the Milestone One Rubric. Milestone Two: Outline of Final Paper In Module Four, submit an outline that addresses each of the critical elements of the final project, listed above. Pr


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