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Ohio State leadership studies


Ohio State leadership studies 1. Leadership studies conducted at Ohio State University derived which two basic forms of leader behavior? a) consideration and initiating structure. b) implicit and explicit. c) proactive and reactive. d) employee centered and production centered. e) in-groups and out-groups. 2. According to the Ohio State leadership studies, a leader high in __________ is sensitive to people’s feelings and tries to make things pleasant for the followers. a) initiating structure. b) attention to detail. c) task orientation. d) consideration. e) human relations orientation. 3. According to the Ohio State leadership studies, a leader high in __________ is concerned with spelling out the task requirements and clarifying other aspects of the work agenda. a) consideration. b) initiating structure. c) attention to detail. d) production orientation. e) employee orientation. 4. Consideration is sometimes called __________ leadership and initiating structure is sometimes called __________ leadership. a) socioemotional; task. b) task; socioemotional. c) socioemotional; 9/9. d) production-centered; task-oriented. e) human relations oriented; employee-centered. 5. Despite earlier beliefs, the Ohio State leadership studies concluded that leaders should be __________ on consideration behaviors and __________ on initiating structure behaviors. a) low; low. b) low; high. c) moderate; moderate. d) high; low. e) high; high. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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