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Nursing Homework Help


Nursing Homework Help Focus Questions 8 Write the answer under the question 1. Clearly, mental illness is a contributory factor in some people’s homelessness. Conversely, homelessness is a contributory factor in some people’s mental illness. Based on the SAMHSA Homelessness reading and the Oregonian article, tell me how you think homelessness and mental health are connected. 2. (Not Just a Paycheck) When a Swedish-owned company closed manufacturing plants in Greenville, Michigan, and Vastervik, Sweden, why did the health of Greenville residents quickly deteriorate while health outcomes in Vastervik remained steady? 3. (Becoming American) According to the film, Latino immigrants who have lived here five years or more are one and half times more likely to have high blood pressure than when they first arrived. Why do recent Mexican immigrants to the United States, though typically poorer, have better health than the average American? What conditions in America erode their health advantages over time? What are other examples from the film of how health outcomes get worse, not better, over time?


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