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Nursing Homework Help Comparison of Market Justice and Social Justice for Health Care Delivery Characteristics: Market Justice Social Justice Views healthcare as a economic good Views health care as a social resource Assumes free market conditions for health care delivery Requires active government involvement in health care delivery Assumes that markets are more efficient at allocating health resources equitably Assumes the government is more efficient at allocating health resources equitably Production and distribution of health care services determined on market based demand Medical resource allocation determined by government central planning Medical care distribution based on people’s ability to pay Ability to pay inconsequential for receiving medical care Access to medical care seen as an economic reward for personal effort and achievement Equal access to medical services viewed as a basic right Implications: Market Justice Social Justice Individual responsibility for health Collective responsibility for health Benefits based on individual purchasing power Everyone is entitled to a basic package of benefits Limited obligation to the collective good Strong obligation to the collective good Emphasis on individual well being Community well-being supersedes that of the individual Private solutions to social problems Public solutions to social problems Rationing based on ability to pay Planned rationing of health care


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