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NU BIM400 midterm exam 2016


Question Question 1 Which of the following transmission media is used in ordinary telephones? coaxial cables twisted pair wires optical fiber cables ribbon cables 2 points Question 2 An IT company uses industry average as a standard for measuring its financial performance. Here, the industry standard is used as a(n) ________. scheme outline benchmark objective 2 points Question 3 A wireless router has a wired connection to the network and sends radio signals from the antennae. True False 1 points Question 4 How can a person check the authenticity of an e-commerce transaction? 4 points Question 5 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in 2002, ________. enhanced U.S. reporting standards for public companies mandated background checks for all employees established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the United States provides for regulation of securities issued in the United States 2 points Question 6 What are the functions of database management software (DBMS)? Name some common database management software. 4 points Question 7 Identifying high-cost points along the supply chain is the first step to reducing operational costs. True False 1 points Question 8 Decision making that draws on billions of pieces of aggregated information to reveal important trends and patterns is called ________. intuitive decision making unstructured decision making uninformed decision making data-driven decision making 2 points Question 9 Explain Porter’s value chain model and the types of activities involved in it. 3 points Question 10 Define relational database. Why it has been predicted that the relational database will be the mainstay for organizations in the years ahead? 4 points Question 11 While saving her word-processed academic documents, Ashley includes the subject, title, and the author’s name in the properties. Which type of information is she adding to her document? metadata sharded data factual data clerical data 2 points Question 12 Describe how Dell reduced its operating costs. 4 points Question 13 A website that facilitates transactions by bringing together buyers and sellers from all over the world is called a(n) ________. Intranet e-marketplace wide area network virtual market 2 points Question 14 A company resorts to discount blowouts to get rid of excess merchandise. Which of the following scenarios is most likely to have triggered this action? decrease in inventory costs ineffective tracking of the inventory overestimating demand forecast accuracy increase in the price of raw materials 2 points Question 15 A group of musicians buy a URL, Music4Change.org for their website, which has a unique, numerical IP address assigned to it. After a year, they move their website to a new server with a different IP address. In this situation what happens to the URL of their website? It becomes fragmented. It remains the same. It needs to be renamed. It needs to be registered with the DNS again. 2 points Question 16 Why are wireless transmission systems favored over wired transmission systems? 3 points Question 17 Which of the following is an example of an operating system? Mozilla Firefox MS Access Linux Adobe Acrobat Reader 2 points Question 18 The power of suppliers is high when there are many suppliers in a market. True False 1 points Question 19 Carrey, the office manager for an insurance company, suspects that some of the sales representatives are submitting their travel expenses receipts twice. Which of the following would help her spot the fraudulent transactions? non-compliance reports exception reports audit reports compliance reports 2 points Question 20 Web 2.0 is less about the ways in which people and organizations are using the web than about the technologies. True False 1 points Question 21 Which of the following is a critical component of an information system? culture demographics ideas processes 2 poin


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