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NTC/411 NTC411 NTC 411 Week 2 Network Management Paper assignment


NTC 411 Week 2 Network Management Paper assignment: Write a 700-1050 word paper describing the pros and cons of out-of-band network management as opposed to in-band network management. Include the following in your paper: Examples of protocols or software to perform both out-of-band and in-band network management and a discussion of their effect on network traffic Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. NOTE: feel free to use the internet for research but take what you have found, understand it and then put that into your own words. Do NOT cut and paste sections of articles or web pages into your paper. NOTE: the second sentence starts with the word ‘Include’; that should be a hint that I expect more than just these two items to be discussed. Unless otherwise noted written assignments are graded as follows: Marks: Content/Subject Matter: 60% Structure/Readability: 15% Format/Grammar/Length: 25% Total 100%


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