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NTC/411 NTC411 NTC 411 WEEK 1 Network Design Assessment ASSIGNMENT


NTC 411 WEEK 1 Network Design Assessment ASSIGNMENT: Use the Riordan Manufacturing virtual organization to write a network design assessment. Write a 700-1050 word paper that includes the following: An assessment of the network design documents for usefulness and completeness Suggestions for additional information to be documented with examples Consideration of network bandwidth capacity considerations in the design documents Any service level agreements that should be included in the network documentation Charts and diagrams as needed NOTE: feel free to use the web for research. Do NOT copy large chunks of text from articles or web sites. Read what is presented, put those ideas into your own words and reference your sources. NOTE: the term “includes” should lead you to think there is more to cover than just these items. NOTE: simply meeting the minimum requirements (700 words) does not earn you an ‘A’ – see my opening ‘Welcome’ post. Unless otherwise noted written assignments are graded as follows: Marks: Content/Subject Matter: 60% Structure/Readability: 15% Format/Grammar/Length: 25% Total 100%


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