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New Wave Chance Youth Club Is A Local Youth Organi


New Wave Chance Youth Club Is A Local Youth Organization Supported Solely By the donations of individuals and the local church community. Its co-founders, Valerie and Kristen, are considering launching a Web site to promote upcoming events and raise money for a new gym. Their good friend Paul has volunteered to develop a Web site, which they feel will help promote their efforts. 1. How might a Web site benefit the youth club? 2. The building fund manager, Mr. Grover, has been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community and numerous requests to donate supplies. Describe how the Web site may be able to help him organize the donation requests and determine the type and quality of the building supplies needed? 3. What other type of activities should New Wave Chance implement to support the success of the new Web site? Write a 750 word paper responding to the questions above. Be sure to use the information from the text and lesson and any other reference material needed to support your position. Please double space your paper. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation do count. Your work must be original material; properly cite all quoted and/or paraphrased material. Provide at least one scholarly reference. Quoted material should not exceed 15%. Please post your work as an attached Word document. Sociology Assignment Help, Sociology Homework help, Sociology Study Help, Sociology Course Help


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