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Networking Assignment


The aim of this assessment is to allow students to demonstrate an understanding of networking infrastructure and apply theoretical knowledge to practical applications. Answers to the tasks will demonstrate: 1. Understand the principles of network infrastructure management. 2. Be able to design complex network infrastructure systems 3. Be able to implement complex network infrastructure systems 4. Be able to test complex network infrastructure systems. Scenario The British Canoe Union is the official national governing body for all paddle sport (canoeing, kayaking, rafting etc.) in the UK. They are based at a head office in Nottingham in England. Full details of what the BCU do can be found at www.bcu.org.uk. Note: The BCU is a real organisation and most of the information in the scenario is broadly accurate to the real organisation. However, reality has been altered and simplified to make the scenario better fit an assignment specification. Please do not try to contact anyone at the BCU to seek further details about the company structure. If you have any questio


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