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Introduction The aim of this assessment is to allow students to demonstrate an understanding of Local Area Networking Technologies and apply theoretical knowledge to practical applications. Answers to the tasks will demonstrate:  Understand the impact of LAN technologies  Be able to design LAN infrastructures  Be able to implement LAN infrastructures  Be able to manage LAN infrastructures. Scenario The Scottish Youth Hostelling Association provides basic accommodation throughout the country for holiday makers, tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else who wishes to stay for a short time. They have hostels of all sizes and locations from a few beds in an old croft cottage on a remote island to vast city centre establishments with 300 beds. They also affiliate a number of independent hostels providing central booking and reservations as well as advertising on their web site. More information can be found at www.syha.org.uk. The larger hostels provide computer facilities for their guests including PCs with Internet connections, Wi-Fi connection to the Internet for guests own computers and smart phones and local printing for tourist information, maps, weather forecasts etc. Some of these facilities are charged whilst others are free, depending on the local manager’s policy. Like all modern businesses, the SYHA uses IT to manage and run its hostels, with on-line bookings, on-line check-in desks and the usual range of office applications being used in the hostels. The SYHA have just bought a building in Stirling (look it up – it is a real town) and need to install appropriate local area networking facilities for their latest hostel. Note: The SYHA is a real organisation and they do have a hostel in Stirling. Although the places are real, the rest of the scenario is not. You must use the information provided in this assignment specification to answer the questions. If anything you find out about the real hostel in Stirling or about he SYHA is different from that presented here, then you must use the information presented here. Reality has been changed to provide a suitable scenario for the assignment. In particular, DO NOT contact either the SYHA or the hostel in Stirling. They have more important things to do than answer student questions. If you have any questions about this assignment, contact the tutor. 4 Task 1 –Guideline length 800 words The hostel management are well enough informed to know that they can have “wired” and “wireless” network systems but are not sure what is involved in the installation of each system and how they may be used. They do not know how to pronounce VLAN, let alone what it means. They have many requirements and concerns, including: 1.1 Security of data and in particular keeping their own and their customers’ data separate 1.2 The ability for guests to connect to the Internet using modern devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. 1.3 The ability to offer secure wireless connections to customers in their rooms and in the lounge. For each of these concerns, identify appropriate LAN technology that can address the problem. Explain how each technology provides a solution to their problem. Your answers must focus specifically on this hostel and its concerns. Your answer to this task should have three sections, labelled 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 respectively. Task 2 –Guideline length diagram plus 600 words Taking into account the material you have submitted in task 1, you must design an appropriate LAN infrastructure for the hostel. Provide logical network diagrams showing how the building might provide the required services and connections. This may be one or more diagrams as you see fit. Any suitable drawing package can be used and you will not be graded on the drawings themselves; just the network design. Explain each infrastructure device, what its function is and why you have selected that d


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