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Multiple gunshot wounds case study


A 20-year-old male patient arrives at a Level One Trauma emergency facility (capable of caring for virtually any emergency). The patient has multiple gunshot wounds and has lost a lot of blood. Examination and stabilization begin immediately, with an emergency room staff physician and several nurses involved. The patient is transferred to an operating room, where surgery began involving a general surgeon, a cardiac surgeon, and several nurses and assistants. The patient dies while on the operating table during surgery. A few months later, the patient’s family sues the hospital and all physicians in the case for negligence. You are a hospital administrator looking into the facts of the case. What would you look for to answer each of these questions:1) What is the custom-based standard of care for this case? (2) What is the reasonable physician standard of care in this case? (3) What effect would EMTALA have on this case? (4) What informed consent issues might have occurred 5) Does the doctrine of res ipsa loquitor apply here? (6) What questions would you ask in determining whether the physicians used best judgment in this case? (7) What other questions can you think to ask regarding this case T 500 Words


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