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multiple choice question on leadership


Your essay responses must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs totaling 250-300 words,. You must EXPLAIN, provide examples, and cite outside resources to receive full credit. Make sure to answer these questions in your own words! Cite all references in APA format. 1. A team charter contains: Answer team member names and roles and the results that are expected of the team. a description of the issue that the team is expected to address and the time limit for addressing that issue. the team goals and the communication protocol. project goals, member roles, ground rules, and communication protocol. 4 points Question 2 1. Companies often decide who will be on teams based on: Answer seniority. functional responsibilities. executive position. experience. 4 points Question 3 1. Teams typically __________________ the time it will take to create and complete the document that presents the results of its work. Answer underestimate overestimate accurately estimate don’t consider 4 points Question 4 1. A negative experience in a previous team: Answer should be cause to remove a member from a team. never affects a team member’s relationships in a new team. always affects a team member’s relationship in a new team. could affect a team member’s attitude toward teams in general. 4 points Question 5 1. Team members should have skills that: Answer duplicate the skills of other team members. are totally different from the skills of other team members. complement each other rather than duplicate each other. top management believes will help solve the issue that the team is considering. 4 points Question 6 1. When teams disagree about substantive project issues, approaches to problem solving, or proposed solutions to major issues, there is a(n): Answer analytical conflict. task conflicts. interpersonal conflicts. roles conflicts. 4 points Question 7 1. Providing for ______________ allows a team to determine which of their processes are working well and which need to be changed. Answer breaks process checks management review the addition of new team members 4 points Question 8 1. A plan that allows team members to see the big picture of the project and helps organize individual blocks of work is the: Answer work plan. action plan. communication protocol. team charter. 4 points Question 9 1. Communications protocol determines: Answer how team members will communicate with each other. the form of the final report of the team’s work. how formally team members will address each other. how the team will communicate with upper management while the team is working. 4 points Question 10 1. A plan that lists all things that the team needs to do and all end products that must be delivered along with who is responsible for each and when each will be completed is the: Answer work plan. action plan. communication protocol. team charter. 1. Discuss the characteristics of an effective team. 1. What are the differences between action plans and work plans? When and how are action plans and work plans prepared? 1. What purposes do ground rules serve in teams? Who creates the ground rules? Who enforces them?


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