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MT219 Unit 4 Discussion



Many businesses would like to get inside the minds of their customers to know what they are thinking. This can be accomplished through understanding the factors that influence consumer buying behavior. Follow these three steps to complete this Discussion topic: Step 1: Go to the Strategic Business Insights® (©2009-2014) website and take the VALS® Survey by copying and pasting this URL into your Web browser: http://www.strategicbusinessinsights.com/vals/presurvey.shtml This survey determines a person’s consumer preferences, attitudes, etc. Step 2: Choose a car manufacturing company from the list and visit the company’s website to conduct an information search and evaluate the alternatives of the complete product offering. Toyota Kia Motors Hyundai Mercedes Benz Volvo Alfa Romeo Ford General Motors Renault BMW Nissan Tata Step 3: Using research from Chapter 6 in your textbook, write a 200-word response to the following questions pertaining to consumer decision making: Based on the information you gathered and alternatives available on the company website you explored, which vehicle offering seems to be the most relevant to your needs? Explain why? Using the results of the VALS survey, describe the accuracy of results and relate them to your vehicle choice. Select three (3) of the factors discussed in Chapter 6 (Exhibit 6.3) that affect consumer buying behavior and explain why they would impact your decision to buy the vehicle most relevant to your needs. To obtain full credit for this Assignment, you must answer the available topic as thoroughly as possible. Your answer should be thoughtful and composed using complete sentences. Please follow the Discussion guidelines as provided in your Syllabus.


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