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MT 219 MT219 MT/219 WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT Emotional Intelligence


MT 219 WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT Emotional Intelligence Attitudes, Moods, and Performance Imagine you are the branch manager of a large bank. You want to improve both job satisfaction and job performance in your branch. Using the affective events theory as your framework that you previously practiced in the Learning Activity, create a 10-slidePowerPoint presentation and either add audio or notes below your slides which addresses the following: 1. Describe the affective events theory and explain how work events impact job satisfaction and job performance. 2. Describe how you might use emotional intelligence to control mood and create a positive work environment in your branch. 3. Explain how you might change job characteristics and job demands to improve job satisfaction and performance. Directions for submitting your Assignment: Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work using the correct naming convention: Last_first Name_Homework_Unit #. When you are ready, you may submit your PowerPoint presentation to the unit Dropbox. Marketing Management Assignment Help, Marketing Management Homework help, Marketing


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