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MNE Country Portfolio Assessment Tool


MNE Country Portfolio Assessment Tool Please use this tool to assess your Multinational Enterprise’s (MNE’s) portfolio of operating areas (all countries in which the MNE has sales). You can use this tool to conduct a preliminary evaluation of: (1) The market attractiveness of its portfolio (2) The strength of the formal institutions for its portfolio (3) The level of formal and informal corruption across its portfolio (4) The spread of the Hofstede national culture dimensions across its portfolio Other than a country’s economic size (as a percent of global GDP), all of the data values in this tool represent standardized scores (with a mean of zero and a standard deviation of one). The “desired” characteristic of each variable is described in the group header for the respective columns. As indicated in this tool, not all variables are available for each country. These data represent the latest available updates (which is typically for 2014 other than for the Hofstede data which was updated in 2010). The second tab provides the data on all countries as a reference. The third tab provides an example of how this tool was used to evaluate an MNE headquartered in the US with sales in the US, Canada, Northern Europe and Western Europe. Please note that all rows have been deleted for those countries where the MNE did not have sales / revenue. From this table we see that: (1) This example MNE is operating in an attractive market even though the growth within this market is significantly less than the other countries of the world. This market represents 42.9% of the global market. (2) This example MNE is operating in areas with strong formal institutions (which is desirable particularly for an MNE that has most of its experience from operating in developed economies). (3) This example MNE is generally operating in areas with low formal and informal corruption. (4) This MNE is operating across a wide range of national cultures, particularly with respect to Masculinity versus Feminity (Assertiveness versus Caring), Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation and Indulgence versus Restraint. These cultural differences across these countries could therefore lead to “cultural frictions” within the MNE. Please use the fourth tab in the spreadsheet to conduct your analysis of your assigned MNE. As illustrated in the example, please delete all rows for countries where your firm does not have subsidiaries. This MNE Country Portfolio Assessment Tool will then calculate the scores for each of the indicated dimensions. Please include in the appropriate sections of your report the summary statistics for each dimension for your MNE’s portfolio area. Please remember to submit this spreadsheet along with your team project paper.


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