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MKTG/610 MKTG610 MKTG 610 Week 7 Discussion


MKTG 610 Week 7 Discussion Topic 1 – Render Authenticity COLLAPSE View the video: http://www.ted.com/talks/joseph_pine_on_what_consumers_want.html Discuss the concepts of this video and how you see it playing out in the marketplace or in your life. Do you feel this is an accurate read on the trends? Why or why not? What would you like to see companies do in response to this trend? Be specific and visionary. Topic 2 – Socially Responsible Firms COLLAPSE The triple bottom line – profits, people and the planet is becoming a focus for many businesses. And yet consumers wonder how many organizations are genuine in their approach? Has Social Responsibility become a fad? A marketing hook? A cliche? Research companies that are truly using Social Responsibility as a significant part of their strategy, and how they are leveraging this focus to increase their market share. Does social responsibility make a difference in your purchase decisions?


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