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MKTG/610 MKTG610 MKTG 610 Week 4 Discussion


MKTG 610 Week 4 Discussion Topic 1 – Pricing COLLAPSE You have developed a new line of high-end organic balsamic vinegars. Several of your varieties are being used in restaurants in Chicago and have been well accepted by chefs and customers. You have decided to launch the product in both the retail and wholesale markets. Determine your pricing objectives and develop your pricing strategy. Support your decisions. Using the following information, apply your strategy and determine your pricing as well as break even in units. Support your decisions. Bottle, Label and Production (direct material and labor) $9.12 per 12 oz. bottle Advertising & promotion $218,000 Company Overhead $354,000 Topic 2 – Distribution COLLAPSE Based on your research of distribution and channel strategy, develop a distribution strategy for your Balsamic Vinegar company. Be sure to include: structure or level of distribution and decisions on direct or dual distribution. Include specific distribution channels (actual firms) in your recommendations and support your rationale with at least 3 outside sources.


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