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MKTG/610 MKTG610 MKTG 610 Week 3 Discussion


MKTG 610 Week 3 Discussion Topic 1 – Product Development Innovation and new product introductions are essential to all businesses. Our video this week highlights many ways in which innovation has created brand loyalty by answering the needs of the market. Be sure to research and review the concepts of New Product Development highlighted in the text before viewing the video. http://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_gansky_the_future_of_business_is_the_mesh.html Given your areas of interest, find an example of new product (or service) introductions that you feel is really answering a new need, impacting an industry or making a difference in a community. Discuss and describe it in relation to the specific type of product or services – (refer to text) and analyze which of the 6 strategic options (from text) to product introductions you feel this represents. Support your analysis with at least 2 resources beyond text cited in APA format. Topic 2 – Sigma Marketing Read and review Sigma Marketing case from the text. Focusing on the Product Life Cycle of desk calendars, analyze the phases of Sigma’s strategy as the product passed through phases. Using research regarding Product Life Cycle, recommend potential product strategies for Sigma Marketing. Support your recommendations with researched rationale. Support your analysis with at least 3 resources beyond text cited in APA format.


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