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MKTG/211 MKTG211 MKTG 211 Week 3 Discussion


MKTG 211 Week 3 Discussion Choose one of the questions below and submit your answer to the discussion board using the appropriate discussion thread (you are welcome to answer both questions, but only the first answer posted will count toward credit for this assignment). Post two replies to answers posted by other students in class. Each reply must meet the quality criteria shown in the DQ & Class Participation Grading Rubric (the link to this rubric is located under the Syllabus tab on the left toolbar). 1. Choose a specific product (Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Dr. Pepper, Tide, Modernistic Carpet Cleaning Service, etc.). Determine which product category this product falls into (cold cereals, carbonated beverages, laundry detergent, etc.). A product category would be a group of products with similar attributes. For instance, Lay’s Potato Chips would be in the category of Potato Chips – not snack foods, since snack foods also includes pretzels, ice cream, and crackers, which have different attributes. If you choose a Sony DVD player – the product category would be DVD players. Do not try to broaden this by saying the category is electronics, which encompasses numerous product categories. Next, determine where this product category is in the Product Life Cycle (choose only one stage of the product life cycle). Thoroughly explain why you came to these conclusions. Your explanation also needs to be based on the product category. *Please Note: Make sure to base your analysis on the product category rather than the individual brand. Please re-read the description of the product life cycle in the textbook before completing this assignment. 2. Give an example of a company who has used packaging to create a new life for their product(s). For instance, Swanson Chicken Broth can now be purchased in a resealable carton so that it can be stored and used in smaller serving sizes (since you can’t store the product in the can after it has been opened). This has opened the product up for use in numerous recipes that call for a smaller amount of broth. They never changed the actual product – just the packaging. What other examples can you find?


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