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MKT/435 MKT435 MKT 435 Week 4 Discussion 2


MKT 435 Week 4 Discussion 2 Chapter four of this week’s reading discusses consumer “perception”. In my opinion this is what makes each of us an expert at consumer behavior. We each perceive things in our own way. Our own view of the world, our past experiences and who we are as individuals make us unique. Our uniqueness makes our perception of something different from every other person. We’re each the expert at how we buy because no one understands us better than we understand ourselves. Allowing marketers access this information is our choice. Questions: Have you ever felt a marketer or sales person start to get under your skin in a bad way? Have you also experienced a marketer get under your skin in a way that you appreciated? What was the difference in these two examples of good and bad and why did you perceive each scenario in the opposite light?


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