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MKT/435 MKT435 MKT 435 Week 3 Discussion 1


MKT 435 Week 3 Discussion 1 Being in the housing business I’m able to help people satisfy one of their most basic needs…shelter. I take a lot of pride in this and love the excitement that people get when they get a new home. Of course, most of the time our customers are obtaining more than just shelter, but a home cuts right through to most of their physiological needs. Food & Water Shelter is the biggest need met, but people can prepare food there, store food there and even grow food there. Air Clearly air is everywhere we live, however in a home it can be enhanced. You can cool it, heat it, filter it, humidify it, dehumidify it and even change how it smells. Sex Yes, sex is considered a physiological need. A home provides privacy and comfort as needed for many needs. Questions: Have you been without these physiological needs in the past? Have you ever contemplated your physiological needs when finding a residence or did you mostly take these advantages for granted? Do you know people who do not have their physiological needs met? Do you have any insight on how to eliminate homelessness?


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