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MKGT/300 MKGT300 MKGT 300 Week 6 Assignment Cereal Promotion


MKGT 300 Week 6 Assignment Cereal Promotion Week Six: Cereal Product Promotion Purpose To assess your ability to: • develop a product concept • apply promotional tools • advocate for a product idea Overview In Assignment Cereal Aisle Analysis, you collected data through a field observation, analyzed your data, and identified key findings. In Assignment Cereal Product Development Proposal, you identified a market opportunity and made a recommendation for a new cereal-related product. Congratulations! Your idea has been accepted for further development and for regional market testing. In this scenario, you are to assume many of the interim steps are largely complete – the product itself has been developed and tested in small focus groups garnering a favorable response, the company has decided to use its existing distribution system to transport, warehouse, wholesale and retail the product to the test market area, and the company’s usual markup over cost was used to establish the price which is on parity with closest substitutes. Now the challenge of developing a promotional approach has fallen to you. This assignment is comprised of four parts: A. Creative Brief: a short document in which you provide promotional guidelines in a structured way B. Prototype: full-sized package prototype C. Storyboard: storyboard for a thirty second (0:30) television commercial D. Sale Pitch: five-to seven-minute sales pitch Action Items In preparation to complete the four parts of the assignment, do the following five items: 1. Review the Overview of this assignment. 2. Review your submissions for Cereal Aisle Analysis and Cereal Product Development Proposal(including your original field notes and your instructor’s feedback). 3. Review your textbook – especially chapter 16 – Advertising & Sales Promotion Strategies as well as other reference sources on advertising and packaging. 4. Locate and carefully examine several package designs for existing cereals. 5. Keeping in mind your marketing communication objective for the product introduction, the characteristics of the target market, any packaging and/or promotional requirements you identified earlier, and how it will be positioned competitively, develop your promotional approach. Now complete the four main parts of this assignment: 6. Part A: Complete a one-page creative brief. A creative brief is a structured document, the purpose of which is to communicate quickly and succinctly to anyone who might be involved in the creation of promotional materials for a product. Think of it as a “job aid” for copy writers, art directors, graphic designers, etc. (See the General Guidelines for Written Marketing Assignments for more details on writing a creating brief.) The items below are the subheadings for your creative brief and the information you generated above should be the content you use under each subheading. Remember, the purpose of a creative brief is to communicate ideas clearly and succinctly. Bulleted lists, brief statements, graphics, etc. are all okay – so long as they best communicate to the reader. o Product name: o Target market: o Perceptions of product within target market: o Competitive position: o Brand personality that should be expressed through advertising: o Desired outcome(s) of the project: (e.g., awareness, understanding, interest) o Key response action desired from target market: (e.g., recognition, trial purchase, recommend to others, increase loyalty) o Message guidelines: (verbal guidelines for copy, visual guidelines, mandatory elements (e.g., company logo, colors): 7. Part B: Create a full-sized, three-dimensional prototype of the package for your product. Everything else about your product idea is verbal – either written or spoken. Think of your prototype as the first visual, physical representation of your product. Whether your idea is accepted or rejected for further de


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