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Mimicry is important to a new firm


Mimicry is important to a new firm 1. __________ is both (a) a positioning of the firm in its environment to provide it with the capability to succeed and (b) a pattern in the stream of the firm’s decisions. a) Vision. b) Mission. c) Strategy. d) Structure. e) Technology. 2. The __________ should involve individuals at all levels of the firm to ensure that there is a recognizable, consistent pattern yielding a superior capability over rivals up and down the firm’s hierarchy and across all of its activities. a) organization’s competitive assessment process. b) environmental positioning analysis. c) risky shift assessment. d) strategy process. e) success management evaluation. 3. Mimicry is important to a new firm for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: a) it provides workable, if not ideal, solutions to many problems. b) it reduces the number of decisions that need to be analyzed separately, allowing managers to concentrate on more critical issues. c) it shows which leaders are good at following other organizational d) it establishes legitimacy or acceptance by employees, suppliers, and customers. e) it narrows the choices calling for detailed explanation. 4. Which of the following is NOT a good way to improve an administrative process from others? a) carefully define the process to be investigated by comparing current operations with best practices either inside or outside the firm. b) organize a systematic effort by developing a plan, identifying who will be studies, who will conduct the study, where it will be done, and how it will be conducted. c) determine who in your organization will infiltrate competitor firms. d) after conducting a comparison between your current practices and best practices, prioritize the findings by ease of implementation and projected benefit, recognizing differences in the unit to be copies and your current unit. e) isolate applicability of the proposed changes – do they make sense and can they be applied. 5. All of the following are primary data interpretation problems EXCEPT: a) self-serving interpretations. b) among managers, the ability to interpret events, conditions, and history to their own advantage is almost universal. c) data is viewed as sound information and readily applied with an organization. d) managers and employees alike often see what they have seen in the past or see what they want to see from the information. e) rarely do managers and employees look at the data and see what is or Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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