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Michigan leadership studies


Michigan leadership studies 1. The earliest approach to studying leadership is the __________. a) behavioral approach. b) methodical approach. c) contingency approach. d) scientific approach. e) great person-trait approach. 2. The __________ assumes that leadership behaviors are central to performance and other outcomes. a) behavioral perspective. b) trait perspective. c) contingency perspective. d) contemporary perspective. e) psychological perspective. 3. Leadership studies at the University of Michigan developed which two basic forms of leader behavior? a) consideration and initiating structure. b) implicit and explicit. c) proactive and reactive. d) employee centered and production centered. e) in-groups and out-groups. 4. According to the Michigan leadership studies, __________ supervisors are those who place strong emphasis on their subordinates’ welfare. a) production-centered. b) administration-centered. c) employee-centered. d) task-centered. e) process-centered. 5. According to the Michigan leadership studies, __________ supervisors are primarily concerned with getting the work done. a) process-centered. b) production-centered. c) employee-centered. d) administration-centered. e) task-centered. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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