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MHS/606 MHS606 MHS 606 Week 8 Signature Assignment


MHS 606 Week 8 Signature Assignment Signature Assignment Based on the disease you selected in Module 2 and the ethnic group you selected in Module 4 Case Assignment, write a research essay discussing the following: Ethnic group’s views on behaviour change the factors that predominantly put them at risk the most applicable theory to change their behaviour(s) the model that is specific to that group What are the challenges specific to that group? How you would promote good health that leads to behaviour change or behaviour modification for the chosen disease? Please make sure you include the concepts of PRECEDEPROCEED in your discussion. Writing expectations include competency in the following: ? Sentence Structure ? Verb Tense and Agreement ? Pronoun Use ? Possessive Use ? Punctuation ? Spelling ? Focus and Organization ? Thesis Statement & Conclusion


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