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MHS/606 MHS606 MHS 606 Week 4 Case Assignment


MHS 606 Week 4 Case Assignment The Case Assignment for this course will be a 1750-1800 words essay (excluding cover page and references). You should use a minimum of 5-6 sources in your Case Assignment. Write a research essay comparing and contrasting at least two of the health behavior models of the disease you selected in Module 2 for a specific ethnic group of your choice. Make sure to include how the demographic group you selected view behavior change, the risk factors and some epidemiological data of the group and the disease. Your paper must be: Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman. Your Essay should have a Cover Page and Works Cited Page. Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Essays should be in APA style. You must cite all texts used, including page numbers to avoid plagiarism. Your essay must have a thesis statement and conclusion that are both supported by research and analysis. If you do not turn in your Case Assignment before the deadline, points may be deducted from your score for tardiness. If you anticipate a problem turning in your assignment on time, please contact your instructor immediately to avoid a failing grade for non-submission.


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