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MHS/604 MHS604 MHS 604 Week 3 Discussion 2


MHS 604 Week 3 Discussion 2 Recall from TD 1, Nawal is a 35 year old married female, who was born and raised in the Sudan. While a teenager, she experienced the rite of passage known as female circumcision. She has lived in the United States for five years. She has a thirteen year old daughter, and her family is insisting that her daughter now be circumcised. She is resistant, as she understands the health implications of this procedure. As a health care educator who seeks to be culturally sensitive, how might you advise Nawal as she struggles to make this decision? Please recall that in addition to your initial posting, you must respond to other students for a vibrant and scholarly discussion. Please limit your postings to a 200 to 300 word range. Remember, I am looking to see your response to the question using a crisp, succinct, well considered approach.


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