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MHS/600 MHS600 MHS 600 Week 8 Signature Assignment


MHS 600 Week 8 Signature Assignment The signature assignment is a 8-10 page essay that covers all student learning outcomes for this course. It is to be written in APA style with 4-6 properly cited references. The intent of the Signature assignment is to provide you an opportunity to apply health behavior theory and health education/health promotion planning models toward development of an age-specific health promotion intervention designed to prevent the onset of a selected chronic disease. To facilitate this process you have been introduced to theories of health promotion and planning models of the health education field. For this assignment you are to select a chronic disease for presentation. Your selection of a chronic disease upon which you focus your project should be guided by the most current leading causes of death data for the United States or any other country in the world. This information is published on the National Center for Health Statistics and the World Health Organization web sites. Guiding information for this project are similar to those of the case assignment with the addition of using a model of community health delivery, such as the PRECEDE/PROCEED or any other model that you have researched during this course. Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)


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