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MHA/628 MHA628 MHA 628 WEEK 1 QUIZ


MHA 628 WEEK 1 QUIZ 1. Question : Geisinger Clinic (GC) is an example of captive group HMO model in the Geisinger Health Plan (GHP). Which of the following is NOT true for this case scenario? Question 2. Question : The origin of Blue Cross was formed when _________ agreed to provide prepaid inpatient care to approximately 1,500 teachers in 1929. Question 3. Question : As long as Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) of HMOs do not prohibit their member physicians from being able to contract directly with an HMO, antitrust statute does not regulate IPA physicians’ group activities. Question 4. Question : ____________ authorized Medicare HMOs on a capitated basis. Question 5. Question : Which of the following is NOT true for Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)? Question 6. Question : In the staff model of HMO, the physicians are paid on a salary basis only. Question 7. Question : Which of the following managed care organization has a board of directors? Question 8. Question : Which of the following is NOT a board committee in a managed care organization? Question 9. Question : Which of the following is NOT a type of integrated healthcare delivery systems (IDSs)? Question 10. Question : The Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) was developed by _________. Question 11. Question : The final rule for the Medicare Shared Savings Program requires the ACO to be a financial entity in order to receive and distribute payments for shared savings. Question 12. Question : Which of the following is NOT true about Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)? Question 13. Question : In some small health plans, rating and underwriting is reported to ________. Question 14. Question : Healthcare providers’ participation in accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes is not mandatory by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) because neither one is articulated in ACA.


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