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MHA/626 MHA626 MHA 626 WEEK 5 DISCUSSION 1 MHA 626 Week 5Discussion 1 Planning and Control Measures For this discussion, you will generate content for your Final Project regarding plan evaluations that are associated with a product or service. As discussed in Chapter 12, planning and control processes should be integrated; that is, both processes should be used to obtain feedback that will allow the marketing team to successfully reach strategic objectives through the marketing plan. For your initial post, describe the importance of timely information flow/feedback in terms of your chosen healthcare organization and marketing plan. Based on your chosen product or service, why would it be important for managers and planners to obtain information concerning marketing results? Why would reports for a particular timeframe (weekly, monthly, quarterly) be important concerning your product or service? How would the feedback in these reports be used to control the future of your marketing plan? Health Care Assignment Help, Health Care Homework help, Health Care Study Help, Health Care Course Help


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