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MGT/585 MGT585 MGT 585 Week 3 Individual Behavior Assignment


MGT 585 Week 3 Individual Behavior Assignment Instructions 1. Complete the Big 5 Personality questionnaire that is available on the following website: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ (as listed on page 60 of your text book). a. Your score will be calculated for you. b. I heeded the suggestion and rated another person while I rated myself and I feel like the results were very accurate. 2. Read the article, “Personality Research in the Organizational Sciences” (pages 3-13 only) in order to gain a better understand of the Big 5 personality traits. It is located in the Individual Behavior folder of doc sharing within eCollege 3. Read two additional journal articles focused on topics related to personality a. Consider the following keywords for your search: Openness Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Neuroticism Big Five Five Factor Model Personality Proactive Personality Self-Efficacy 4. Provide a literature review (detailed summary) of the two journal articles in Step 3. 5. Discuss your personality type and whether or not it fits well with your current job/occupation. If you are not currently working, discuss which type of job/occupation would be a good match for your personality. a. No need to share your actual scores. It is acceptable to just state that you scored high, moderate, or low on a dimension (or dimensions), and then discuss how it fits (or does not fit) with your job. Additional Tips: Be thorough in your literature reviews (convince me that you read and understand the information provided within the journal articles). Include the full citations for your references on your Reference page at the end of your analysis. You will be evaluated in accordance with the grading rubric provided at the end of this document. NOTE: My grading of these cases will be largely holistic and comparative. If one student submits a case that is 10 pages long, includes an in-depth review of the articles, and is well-written, that student’s grade will be dramatically higher than a student who submits 5 pages, a shallow review of the articles, and has a bunch of spelling and grammar errors. I reward A-level work and appreciate and value those students who are willing to go above and beyond and put an extreme amount of effort into their work. If you do the bare minimum to just scrape by in this class, your grade will reflect that. I expect a lot out of my graduate students, just as your current (or future) employers/customers expect out of you. Reading and summarizing the journal articles require a substantial amount of work and you will get frustrated at times. Just put in the effort and it will pay off in the end. Always try to work ahead so that you don’t get into a bind at the last minute. These assignments will take longer than you think. Only articles from the following list journal list will be accepted: Academy of Management Journal Journal of Organizational Change Management Academy of Management Review Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Administrative Science Quarterly Journal of Psychology Business Ethics Quarterly Journal of Vocational Behavior Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Leadership and Organization Development Journal Human Relations Leadership Quarterly Human Resource Management Management Decision Journal of Applied Psychology Organization Science Journal of Business Ethics Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes Journal of Business Research Organizational Dynamics Journal of Business Venturing Organizational Research Methods Journal of Management Personnel Psychology Journal of Organizational Behavior Strategic Management Journal * Exceptions to this list must be approved by the professor prior to using them in your paper Using ABI/Inform Search Syntax www.tamuc.edu/library Click Research Guides (under the big circular button on the left) Click Business & Entrepreneurship (under the section, Re


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