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MGT 500 MGT500 MGT/500 Week 11 FINAL EXAM PART 2


MGT 500 MGT500 MGT/500 Week 11 FINAL EXAM PART 2 Question 1 ____ refers to loyalty to the heavy involvement in the organization. Question 2 The ____ is the beliefs, opinions, and information a person has about the object of an attitude. Question 3 Which of the following terms is the belief that power and status differences should exist within the organization? Question 4 An interdisciplinary field dedicated to the study of how individuals and groups tend to act in organizations is called Question 5 Which of the following types of power is vested in the manager’s ability to punish employees? Question 6 Which of these is the potential ability to influence the behavior of others? Question 7 A(n)____ leader works to fulfill subordinated needs and goals as well as to achieve the organization’s larger mission. Question 8 The Leadership Grid used the two leader behaviors which were called Question 9 Which need describes the desire to be accepted by one’s peer, have friendships, be part of a group, and be loved? Question 10 ____ is the extent to which doing the job provides information back to the employee about his or her performance. Question 11 The delegation of power and authority to subordinates is referred to as Question 12 Which of the following refers to the degree to which an employee performs a total job with a recognizable beginning and ending? Question 13 Alderfer referred to the needs for physical well being as ____ needs. Question 14 The term ____ is defined as “an individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication.” Question 15 Communication is defined by the text as the process by which information is Question 16 What percentage of a manager’s time is spent in direct communication? Question 17 Which of the following is the most familiar and obvious flow of formal communication? Question 18 During which stage of team development should the team leader help clarify team roles, norms, and values? Question 19 A competitive and adversarial negotiation approach in which each party strives to get as much as it can, usually at the expense of the other party, is called • Question 20 Members of ____ teams remain in separate locations around the world and conduct their work electronically. • Question 21 Which of the following teams are created outside the formal organization structure to undertake a project of special importance or creativity? • Question 22 Which of these is based on a set of international standards for quality? • Question 23 Which of the following is considered a leverage ratio? • Question 24 Which of the following allows employees to see for themselves the financial condition of the company? • Question 25 What is the key to successful benchmarking? Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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