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MGT/435 MGT435 MGT 435 Week 5 Quiz


MGT 435 Week 5 Quiz Question 1. Question : How did Cisco address company-wide communication issues that were hindering its performance? by establishing a Ciscopedia that managers could use internally to discuss products by holding sol-jams and code-jams that helped get programmers talking to one another by creating Ciscopolis, a company-wide message board that made communication more transparent by instituting painstorming sessions to get employees brainstorming in a shared and safe space Question 2. Question : Netflix CEO Reed Hastings faced harsh criticism for which of the following reasons? failing to meet quarterly financial projections failing to adequately and honestly account for a price hike failing to ensure that DVDs arrived to consumers in a timely fashion failing to apologize for separating DVD and streaming offerings into two different companies Question 3. Question : Which of the following is a typical quality of an agile organization? highly hierarchical organizational structure conducting extensive market research to predict future market climates centralized decision-making in a top-down fashion responding quickly to relevant external events Question 4. Question : Learning organizations that continually plan, reflect, and make adjustments exemplifies continuous planning constant readiness action learning improvised implementation Question 5. Question : Respondents of a survey conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership ranked which of the following traits low in terms of being important for successful leadership? the ability to collaborate the ability to be decisive the ability to build effective teams the ability to influence without exerting authority Question 6. Question : Which of the following is not true of learning organizations? They do not look at change as something that is to be avoided at all costs They deal with change issue in a collaborative fashion They avoid “one size fits all” approaches to dealing with change They do not fail regularly Question 7. Question : Delilah is a new employee at Intuit and is signed up to participate in one of the company’s famed D4D forums. What should Delilah expect from the experience? to job swap with a colleague in a different department, to better understand the organization’s interconnectedness to attend a pain storming workshop and engage in frontline conversations with customers to think up popular and innovative products to attend a panel with the company’s C-suite on its long-term strategy and vision to take a crash course in how to improve the company’s corporate social responsibility profile Question 8. Question : What traditional organizational quality would the author say is acceptable during times of stability but can seriously hamper an organization when it faces threats? company-wide intranet systems flex-time work arrangements weekly meetings hierarchy Question 9. Question : Because of a special project, Khalib is asked to be part of a temporary group that is made up of individuals from marketing, customer service, engineering, and product development. The team has never worked together before, and will be dissolved once their work on this project is finished. This group would most likely be described as a(n)_______________. agile organization shape-shifting modular structure open walled system Question 10. Question : Which of the following does the author cite as an example of a learning organization? NATO the UN Security Council the U.S. Navy SEALs the U.S. Army


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