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MGT/435 MGT435 MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz


MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz 1. Question : Which is the first step of Warrick’s six-step change implementation process? keep people engaged identify and manage resistance to change keep the big picture in mind choose the right interventions Question 2. : According to the drama triangle, one common characteristic of the rescuer role is __________. initiates the attack nonassertive behavior refuses to say “no” aggressive behavior Question 3. : The executive team is typically made up of __________. organizational senior managers the CEO and CFO members of the leadership change team investors Question 4. What critical decision did Meg Whitman make when she first took over as Hewlett-Packard CEO, even though she later reversed this decision? to spin off the company’s PC division to retain the company’s PC division to dissolve the company’s PC division to sell the company’s PC division Question 5. : When aligning people with an organization’s vision, leaders should consider __________. financial incentives nonfinancial incentives neither financial nor nonfinancial incentives both financial and nonfinancial incentives Question 6. Question : Bossidy’s plan to make AlliedSignal a distinctive, successful, premier global company is an example of which aspect of the five dimensions of leading and managing change model? creating a vision developing political support motivating change sustaining momentum Question 7. : Interventions for large-scale organizational changes are best characterized as __________. unplanned activities that increase the organization’s effectiveness unplanned activities that decrease the organization’s effectiveness planned activities that decrease the organization’s effectiveness planned activities that strive to increase the organization’s effectiveness Question 8. : The highest position on both axes of the stakeholder matrix is characterized by high cooperation and high threat to change and is held by which of the following stakeholder types? nonsupportive marginal mixed blessing supportive Question 9. : According to the author, Ackerman and Anderson’s road map is best regarded as __________. a “prescription for success” “set in stone” a “thinking discipline” a set of “hard and fast rules” Question 10. Question : What are scientists at 3M permitted to do with 15% of their time? job swap with a colleague pursue innovative projects of personal interest take paid family leave take courses toward a job-relevant degree


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