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MGT/435 MGT435 MGT 435 Week 1 Quiz


MGT 435 Week 1 Quiz 1. Question : Which of the following perspectives of the balanced scorecard framework includes data and information on individual and corporate attitudes related to self-improvement? learning and growth business process financial customer Question 2. : In the role episodic model of ethical dilemmas, the “misuse of data” ethical dilemma is an aspect of __________. Student Answer: the client system consequences antecedents process Question 3. : Which of the following is an example of proactive change? when a company is purchased by a competitor and eventually phased out when a company adopts new manufacturing methods due to short supply of skilled labor when a company develops lower-priced alternatives in anticipation of increased demand for cheaper goods when a company is forced into bankruptcy and must sell off assets and downsize Question 4. : Which of the following is the final step in Lewin’s method for identifying the forces for and against a particular situation, problem, or opportunity? identifying tactics that can be used to weaken the forces against change identifying the desired end state developing an action plan listing the potential benefits derived from having achieved the end state Question 5. : Organizational change is most likely to occur in an ethical fashion when team members __________. defer all ethical decisions to the human resources department act with integrity, honesty, and openness in all communications and transactions avoid communicating directly with other team members place their own values and obligations above those of others Question 6. : Organizational development specialists focus on __________. engineering solutions information technology process and interaction between organizational members and departments competitive business strategy Question 7. Question : Which of the following is NOT the case with regard to climate change issues and company competiveness? : Major organizations are making changes based upon climate considerations. Many companies face the challenge of addressing climate change. Environmental regulations and restrictions have little impact on companies. Consumers expect companies to incorporate “sustainable” operational practices. Question 8. : Kieran’s company is undergoing change, and employees are being encouraged to see old behaviors and attitudes as useless as part of a process that helps create an emotional need for change. Which of Lewin’s general states of change is Kieran’s company experiencing? : reforming refreezing moving unfreezing Question 9. : Change management specialists focus on __________. organizational member problem solving how departments work together to meet various goals strategic firm planning employee communication Question 10. : Which of the following frameworks of effective organizational change is most popularly used on a global scale? open-systems theory the stakeholder approach contingency alignment balanced scorecard


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