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MGT/434 MGT434 MGT 434 Week 2 Discussion 2


MGT 434 Week 2 Discussion 2 Determine which of the following statements are legitimate BFOQs. If you determine something is not a legitimate BFOQ, what would have to be changed in the statement to make it a legitimate BFOQ? 1) Experienced firefighters needed. Must be able to lift and carry 80 pounds. 2) Immediate opening for attractive female receptionist with experience handling multi-line phone system. 3) Defense contractor seeking qualified engineers. Must be a U.S. citizen. 4) Apprentice electrician needed. Must be under age 25. Will train. 5) Catholic High School needs Catholic math teacher to teach algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Master’s degree preferred. 6) Flight attendants needed for overseas routes. Must meet height and weight restrictions. 7) Now hiring experienced manufacturing assemblers for second shift. High school diploma required. 8) City theater production company needs men to star in Laurel and Hardy comedy. Some acting experience preferred.


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